Alison    Short     Dressage

“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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UKCC Level 3 Coach

         BD Judge & database trainer

                          Full Liability Insurance

Winner 2014

Important Information

Clinics  are Suspended due to Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic

Welcome to our NEW WORLD of training opportunities.

 I’ve been investing my time developing ways in which I can help you stay motivated in our new  lock down situation.

I’m excited to be able to offer support and motivation to you ALL.  Whether you are currently able to ride or are on full lock down I have something to fulfil training fix.


                                             LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!


     Through the use of various media's I am now able to offer online training, which has been a      huge success.    I’m happy to discuss how to set this up, just simply call me to discuss.

     £45 for a 40 min session  


    Simply take a video of you schooling, test riding or working your horse in hand and i will     provide analysis through audio or telephone, the choice is yours.



    These sessions are personalised and will add structure to each session your ride. Whether you     are struggling with progressing your lateral work, wanting to step up to flying changes or need     to improve your horses suppleness over the back, these audio's will give you the confidence to     continue your journey.

    Simply pop your ear pieces into your smart phone and I will be with you through every step.



    Do you lack structure and want help with planning your path to becoming a thinking rider. Do     you get stuck for inspiration or maybe know your horses weaknesses but don’t seem to be     making headway in his development? Let me help you to find a clear path forward with plans     from weekly to monthly communication, catered to your time and budget.

    With a mix of video analysis, real time coaching,discussion and audio training this makes for     the perfect package.

    Contact me to discuss your options


    Whether your looking to improve your ridden knowledge, working your horse in hand or have     an interest in learning more about how your horse retains information. Non ridden audio’s are     a great way of improving your knowledge, aiming to provide food for thought, by bringing     topics which we rarely get the chance to really reflect upon.

   For a full topic list please contact me or visit our sister company iride training.   

   Prices start from £7.99


Stay safe, and take care,  Alison -Contact me

or call /text 07719900275