Alison    Short     Dressage

“For the love of horses……compassion & passion is all you need”

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UKCC Level 3 Coach

         BD Judge & database trainer

                          Full Liability Insurance

Winner 2014


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                               Biomechanic and Chiropractic Clinic

                                           Henfield West Sussex

                                       Tuesday 8th September

                                                 Each session can be booked individually or if combined will offer a slightly lower cost.

                                                                                Dressage Training £60.00 (50min  Alison Short)

                                                              Assessment and chiropractic treatment  £75.00 (Dr Annika Carraher)

                                                             Combined assessment, training and treatment with full report £125.00

                                    Timings for combined sessions with both Annika and Alison will be given priority. Annika is an experience                                    vet who offers chiropractic treatments as well as acupuncture to optimise performance. Combinations who                                            book for a training session and  treatment will have the added advantage of both Alison and Annika’s                                                                        assessment of the horse and rider in a training environment.   

Henfield Biomechanics and Chiropractic Clinic

    Tuesday 15th Sept - 10am + 11am    

~Polework Clinic~

Improving athleticism and cadence.

       Come and join a group session (max 4)

       all standards actively encouraged.   1 Hour

       (3 miles from Hickstead)

      £30 per combination


   Tuesday 29th Sept

Evening DEMO

Alderlake Indoor Arena

“Correct Athletic Development”


Dr Annika Carraher MRCVS & Alison Short BD UKCC III

7 pm to 9 pm   

£12 in advance

Come and travel through the journey of correct athletic development with Alison and Annika. Alison will discuss the value of training with a clear and horse focused path, identifying weaknesses and showing you how to help your horse develop correctly. Annika will show you hands on exercises to help you assess your horses flexibility as well as give an insite into the areas that often become tight and can hold your horse back from working correctly.

This duo make a great team, giving riders a better understanding of biomechanics, the impact of undetected suppleness issues  and  leaving you with direction on how to develop your equine partner.

Pole Work Clinic
Alderlake -Evening Demo -